Next-Generation Wind Power

WIND WIDE (HK) Limited has designed and built a cyclone-proof VAWT that can operate in the face of the most powerful winds on earth.

The evolution of VAWT

Energy from breeze or gale

Though vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are by no means a novel concept, WIND WIDE (HK) Limited’s adaptation of and improvement upon the technology represents a quantum leap in its development. A combination of innovative design and advanced computational prowess has effectively enabled us to create a turbine for all seasons. From a gentle breeze to a howling hurricane-force gale, our 100kW-rated floating turbines are built with sustainable performance in mind.


VAWTs also have the innate advantage of being able to function regardless of wind direction unlike their horizontal axis wind turbine counterparts. Designed to be mounted on floating platforms, they can withstand the rigors of deep sea positioning and are capable of generating more energy in a single day of 150 km/h winds than a conventional turbine can in a week of 60 km/h winds thanks to a clever gearing solution that actually allows our VAWT rotate more slowly than a comparable HAWT despite having a capacity to generate more power.

Fulfilling the promise of renewable energy

Further out to sea

Most offshore wind power generation potential is available further out to sea where turbulence from the land cannot rob wind of its kinetic energy but conventional installation using fixed-bottom structures is prohibitively expensive when water depths exceed 200 feet. This is because drilling foundations in deep water requires costly plant equipment capable of withstanding the increased pressures at these depths.

Because WIND WIDE (HK) Limited’s floating VAWTs can be located further out to sea, they can enable wind power to realize its full potential by generating significant amounts of energy in a clean, consistent and sustainable manner. That our floating VAWTs can achieve this while costing far less to install than fixed-bottom structures makes a highly compelling case for their adoption.

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