How To Leverage Extreme Weather

WIND WIDE (HK) Limited taps the huge energy potential of tropical cyclones.

Destruction into creation

Too much wind?

One of the many devastating effects of climate change has been a significant increase in the severity and frequency of hurricanes and typhoons in our planet’s tropical and sub-tropical regions. Asia in particular is often hit hard by typhoons and has suffered billions of dollars’ worth of damage to vital infrastructure and property.

In line with global consensus on climate change around the world, countries in Asia acknowledge the pressing need to take action to reduce reliance upon fossil fuels. Many countries wish to embrace wind power’s potential but governmental officials are quite rightly concerned at the prospect of power blackouts when conventional HAWT wind turbines must either be shut down or placed in “survival mode” during these extreme wind storms that can persist for days on end.

WIND WIDE (HK) Limited has risen to this challenge.

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