A Passion For Wind Energy

WIND WIDE (HK) Limited is driven by a resolute belief in the efficacy of wind power.

True pioneering spirit

WIND WIDE (HK) Limited is an innovative floating offshore wind power solutions pioneer. We have “taken point” in the urgent drive to make cost-efficient renewable energy from wind power a truly viable option for more and more countries around the world. We have gathered the expertise of some of the world’s foremost authorities in engineering, computing and aerodynamics to help build what we believe to be the last word in wind turbine technology.

Advancing wind power

Like all notable technological advances, ours was driven by a question and one question in particular; namely, “shouldn’t more wind equate to more energy production?”

To us here at WIND WIDE (HK) Limited, it seemed absurd that technology designed to take advantage of the wind to produce energy had to be shut down when wind speeds got “too high” so we set about gathering the finest, most innovative minds to focus on one goal; making wind power generation safe, viable and accessible irrespective of wind speed.

Into the storm

Among the consequences of climate change has been a marked increase in the frequency and strength of cyclones. Upon making landfall, these high-powered storms can wreak havoc in coastal areas in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world and are responsible for extensive damage to infrastructure and loss of life.

Forming in the warm tropical regions, they can generate winds with speeds of up to 240 km per hour, providing a vast source of untapped source of kinetic force that can be transformed into energy.

WIND WIDE (HK) Limited’s innovation has resulted in a solution that enables man to harness the full potential of these destructive winds and use them to our advantage.

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