Wind power is here

Evidence of our increasing use of wind power can be seen on land or in shallow waters off the coasts of countries all over the world. The majestic sight of wind turbines’ huge propellers rotating gracefully in the breeze is one to which many of us have become accustomed but, despite the undoubted benefits of the technology, there are several, well-documented drawbacks.

Improving the concept

These drawbacks include noise, aesthetics (or lack thereof) intermittency and considerable upfront installation costs but one of the most serious shortcomings is also the most puzzling to most people. Propeller-type wind turbines – Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines or HAWTs – cannot operate safely and sustainably in wind speeds in excess of 90 kilometers per hour.

Removing limitations

In these circumstances, the blades on HAWTs will be configured to angle less of their surface area towards the wind in order to reduce rotational speed and avoid undue strain on the rotors. Often, they may have to be shut down altogether.

WIND WIDE (HK) Limited has engineered a solution that addresses this crucial shortcoming and opens up the possibility of harnessing the full, undeniable potential of wind energy.

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